MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – As Memphis residents are preparing for the possibility of high winds and heavy rain Friday, city crews spent Thursday inspecting and clearing as many storm drains as they could in hopes of reducing flooding. 

Gale Jones Carson with MLGW said they’re on high alert as well.

“Right now, we are in a wait and see mode but we are on standby and employees will hit the ground running as soon as the storm hits should a storm hit,” she said. “Crews that we have will be working 24/7 and they will be working 16 hour shifts (to address issues like outages).”

Carson offered this advice to everyone.

“It’s real critical that they stay out of the way of down power lines if there are down power lines,” she said. “They should also have an emergency kit and be prepared for longtime outages. That would include bottled water, canned and packaged foods that don’t require heating, batteries, flashlights and generators if they can.”

Resident Michelle Green was stocking up at Cash Saver Thursday in anticipation for the storm.

“Crackers, beans, rice, things like that,” Green said. “Yeah. I’m always (prepared) even if it’s not bad weather.”

Officials are asking drivers to avoid high water and take it slow. They’re also asking residents to check storm drains near their homes and clear them if they’re cluttered.

MLGW is asking residents to call (901)-544-6500 to report power outages. Don’t assume MLGW knows about them.