MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis business says they are reaching their breaking point as trash continues to pile up outside their building.

Chris Riegler, Chief Operating Officer at Mid-South Calibration, said it has been over a month since their trash has been picked up and it has become a nuisance for them.

Riegler claims two garbage cans have not been picked up in six weeks.

“Six weeks and it’s still here. I wish they would come get it,” he said. “It’s embarrassing really like outside of your business every time a customer pulls up to have your trash just overflowing. It’s embarrassing,” he said.

Riegler said they have considered taking extreme measures to address the issue.

“We’ve had people take it to their house, dump it at the house. We even thought about asking the neighbor can we use their trash but we’re not gonna go to that point yet,” he said.

Running out of options, he reached out to WREG for assistance. We began conducting our own investigation, which revealed that they have filed at least two complaints this month to the city about trash not being picked up, and nine total complaints over the last year.

“It’s a health risk. You can have trash sitting out there for a long time, you get raccoons out there. We had some raccoons digging in it a couple weeks back, just had trash displayed all over the parking lot,” Riegler said.

A spokesperson with the city said they are looking into the matter but did not provide any specifics, leaving this Memphis business in a familiar position of waiting.

“We pay them to do it, I just wish they would just do it,” Riegler said.

A spokesperson for the city said the issue was resolved and the trash was picked up Thursday afternoon.