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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first homicide of 2022 came just after Memphis Police say 2021’s homicide number broke the record set by the city in 2020.

Police reported 346 homicides in 2021, with 304 of them classified as murders. According to police, 332 homicides were reported in 2020 with 290 being murders. Last year saw the homicide numbers increase by 14, breaking 2020’s record.

2020 also broke 2019’s number by 100 homicides. 284 of those were murders.

So far this year, one homicide has been reported. Bryndon Smith was arrested on New Year’s Day after a car crashed into a pole on Walnut Grove around 1 p.m. When officers arrived, they found a woman shot.

Despite the record-breaking homicide rate, MPD said they have solved over half of 2021’s homicides. This means that an arrest was made or the killing was ruled justified. However, there are still families in Memphis waiting for answers.

If you have any information about a shooting, you are urged to call (901)-528-CASH. All calls are confidential.