MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Athletic Ministries closed its “Grizzlies Center” after a frozen pipe burst over the holidays, flooding 90 percent of the complex with an estimated 59,000 gallons of water.

MAM is a critical program that serves 2,000 young people daily across Memphis with character-building after-school activities.

The Memphis faith-based, non-profit organization is now asking for financial donations to continue its work.

The water damage went beyond just the gym floor, and a restoration crew is working to fix the damage.

“The entire gym floor, 19,000 square feet of gym floor, was submerged in water and had already started to buckle. There were some areas that had already raised over a foot tall from the gym surface,” said Brian Turnage of Turnage Restoration.

The company is taking out drywall and removing anything that could create mold or mildew to keep the children safe.

“… to be able to reach into the community to help grow our kids to make them the amazing Memphians that we want to see in the future,” said Jonathan Torres, president and CEO of MAM.

While MAM’s leadership is searching for a temporary location, Jonathan Torres stresses that the community’s youth haven’t been forgotten.

“Our coaches are calling kids and reaching out to families to make sure that they know that we’re here for them. We’re just trying to figure out the next step so we can get it back as quickly as possible,” said Torres.

All of the repairs and renovations will cost money, and MAM is counting on the Memphis community to raise $25,000 dollars to replace some needed equipment while insurance claims are being processed.

You can donate to MAM by clicking here.