MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Mid-South is bracing for severe weather, which could produce damaging winds and heavy rainfall Friday that could cause flooding.

With the possibility of strong winds and up to four inches of rainfall, Robert Knecht, the Public Works Director for the city, told WREG crews have been clearing ditches and responding to work orders in an effort to reduce the storms impact.

“If there’s a potential of storm events, then our crews start early in preparation,” Knecht said. “I’m always advocate for proactive, being prepared, it’s really what you should do. It’s possible to power can go out, it possible that there could be tornadoes, you need to be prepared for those scenarios.”

WREG’s Weather Experts are projecting most of the storms will be out our viewing area by midnight but are encouraging folks to stay weather aware.

“I know a lot of folks have plans to be bad about on a Friday evening that’s when these storms are going to be moving through. I mentioned between 6 and 9pm, crossing over the river, so if all possible maybe not be on the roadway and be inside in a safe place,” said Todd Demers.

It’s a warning that many say they plan to follow as we embark on another spring in the Bluff City.

The city says it is also looking at increasing staffing Friday. If you encounter flooding, you are encouraged to report it to 311.