MEMPHIS, Tenn — Violent criminals are taking vehicles by force while on the road, at businesses and even homes, police have said.

This year Memphis has seen a 45% increase in carjackings across the city.

Cameron Mathews and Brittani Ratway were arrested this week and are accused of pointing a gun at victim Barry Henderson before his vehicle was taken.

“I don’t know why my thing was open, my gas tank was open. I don’t know what’s going on around here,” said Henderson.

Henderson’s job requires him to be on the road constantly, fearing he could be a target for carjacking criminals.

“It’s hard for me because I drive a work truck. People are trying to, you know, I go by a store and they are like, ‘what do you have in your truck?’ What do you mean ‘what do I have in my truck?’ I’m delivering stuff,” Henderson said.

MPD said in 2020, 167 adults and juveniles were arrested for carjacking.

In 2021, 148 adults/juveniles arrested for carjacking.

Halfway through 2022, the city has seen 142 arrests which is nearly one per day.

Henderson is aware that not everyone survives this carjacking crisis across the city.

“Just like the other day, a woman got carjacked and got killed, and I just hope nothing like that happens to me,” Henderson said. “We are living in Memphis. One thing I know for sure, I tell everybody just be careful out here.”