MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The world is reflecting on the accomplishments of former President Jimmy Carter, who’s receiving home hospice care after several hospital stays.

WREG spoke to Memphians and they explained how the Carters helped dozens of families in the area have a place to live.

In 2016, former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn were in Memphis working with Habitat for Humanity. They were helping people in need by building affordable homes.

Jimmy Carter in Memphis in 2016.

“For us here in Memphis they just have a special place in our hearts because we got to see their faith in action helping families be able to buy affordable homes for the first time,” Jessica Hord said, Director of Marketing and Communications for Habitat for Humanity.

The Carters volunteered with Habitat for Humanity beginning in 1984 and continuing until 2020.

Well-wishes and fond remembrances are now pouring in after Mr. Carter entered hospice care at his home in Georgia. His time in Memphis will be remembered by those he helped.

“Those homeowners know and they are well aware and saw President Carter for five days straight helping build homes back in 2016 and knowing that he believed so strongly in the importance of decent affordable housing,” Hord said.

“It was magnificent. He actually was building houses,” Deacon Williams said, after seeing the former president in action.

“I spoke to a man who’s lived in this neighborhood for more than a decade and he says he remembers what it was like while President Carter was in the area building houses,” Williams said

“I could sit right there on my porch, and we could wave at the president – and he and Nancy they will stop the motorcade and on lunch break, they would be sitting out. A great man,” Williams said.

He says after they heard the news, the neighborhood got together and prayed for the Carters.

“Mr. Carter was alright; I mean took time out. speak with the neighbors on his lunch break, took time. Even the secret service would let us get a little close so we can talk and speak to him,” Williams said.

“They are known as Habitat’s most well-known volunteers, and we are grateful for them,” Hord said.

Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford said in a statement, “we pray for his comfort and for their peace.

Jimmy Carter is 98 years old, and his wife Rosalynn is 95.