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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As people across the city of Memphis search for fresh water, organizations are coming together to assist those in need.

One by one, MLGW workers took their time unloading dozens of cases of water.

“Today, our focus is on restoring water for people that do not have it,” MLGW CEO Doug McGowen said.

The majority of MLGW customers are under a precautionary boil water advisory after below-freezing temperatures caused multiple water main breaks across Shelby County.

“Our pumping stations are all working very well. We have a lot of water, and we’re pushing a lot of water out. The problem is with so many breaks, the water is not getting to the end point of people’s homes,” McGowen said.

MLGW CEO Doug McGowen said customers are asked to not drink the water since it may be possibly contaminated due to the low water pressure.

He said while crews tirelessly work to restore the water, he said they’ve found other ways to make sure customers have access to fresh water.

MLGW collected water donations from community partners at their Lamar Avenue office Monday morning. Those donations were later distributed to people without water across Shelby County.

One of their biggest donations came from Fred Jones with the Southern Heritage Classic. 

“This is home. You want to be able to help out where you can,” Jones said.

Jones said Sunday night, he and another organization came together to donate hundreds of cases of water. He said even though he has low water pressure himself, he still wanted to do what he can to help those in the same situation.

“We all are in this together. The whole Memphis area is affected by this water situation,” Jones said.

McGowen said he’s asking customers to be patient as they work to resolve the issue.

“If you see an MLGW crew out there, just thank those front-line folks who did not spend any time with their family. They spent all of their time trying to restore water and power to the folks who rely on it,” McGowen said.

MLGW said the cases were distributed from three locations across the county.