MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphian who was the sole survivor of a fiery crash that killed three of his best friends is using that tragedy as inspiration to work in healthcare more than four years later.

It is not easy being wheelchair-bound Mauricus Murdock who is an intern at Broward Health Imperial Point Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s also working to rehab his amputated lower left leg.

It’s a struggle you would never know based on his smile and his attitude about his internship.

“I am really getting the overall health care experience to become a well-rounded leader,” Murdock said

It has been a journey for a young man who early on wanted to be involved in healthcare and it is personal.

“I was introduced to health at an early age. I lost my mom when I was five years old, she was 21. She passed away from clogged arteries, grandmother, later on, died due to health issues,” Murdock said.

He was on his way to a career in clinical health when tragedy struck again. In January 2018, he was involved in a serious crash on East Shelby Drive near Hacks Cross.

Mauricus’ life changed and his career goals were altered after he lost a leg and three of his best friends.

Mauricus knew he had a calling to help folks cut the red tape, make the patient medical experience a good one, and be the guy in charge.

“Just having to deal first hand, dealing with insurance and getting approval for a prostheses and rehab and things,” he said. “I knew I wanted to be an administrator and that’s the track I am on now.”

Mauricus is now pursuing a master’s degree in health administration at the University of Miami and is scheduled to graduate in December.