MEMPHIS, Tenn.–Church members and volunteers at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church are preparing hundreds of hot meals and a ministry for those in need on Christmas day much like it was done at Thanksgiving during what was called MemFeast.

Throughout Memphis and the Mid-South, Christmas Day for some can be difficult for those without homes, those without family and those without food.

So a Memphis Feast or a MemFeast for hundreds will mean hope for many during the holidays served with love one meal at a time.    

That’s what motivated Reverend Dr. J. Lawrence Turner, senior pastor at The Blvd, to get a team of members and volunteers back together to fill the souls of many at Christmas.

“Thanksgiving was a phenomenal experience and we have a motivated team of members and volunteers who want to continue living out the Message of Jesus on Christmas Day,” he said. “What better way to celebrate Christ’s life than to serve those who he came to save and to touch them at the point of their deepest need.”

Some of those in need are senior citizens. It’s why they’re being invited to show up at the Orange Mound Senior Center on Park Avenue for a special Christmas Day meal.

Brian Harris who is a church member and a volunteer remembers how one woman told him MemFeast reminded her that she wasn’t alone in life.

“She said I felt initially you all forgot about me. I said you all? She said I mean the community, widowed, no family and just to come out and fellowship and feel the love on Thanksgiving day where I felt alone and just to be around people,” Harris said. “If you know of any senior who is suffering in silence or you want to be a blessing to, we’re going to have volunteers to bring the plates to the car. Also, there will be home deliveries, as well from a list supplied by MIFA.”

The power of fellowship during the holidays as so many others cope with problems year-round.  

“We still have large challenges that are all surrounding poverty when it comes to those who are homeless and in positions wondering are we going to be able to make ends meet and pay utility bills,” Turner said. “If you want to give Jesus a gift…Matthew 25 says, Jesus says that which you have done for the least of these you do it also to me, an expression of how we can give Christ the gift by seeing Christ in others.”

Any seniors needing a Christmas Day meal can show up at the Orange Mound Senior Center on Park Avenue from 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning through noon. 250 plates will be distributed.