MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man with a record of impersonation and scamming the elderly strikes again.

This time he left a 72-year-old husband and wife out of $500.

According to detectives, the victim told police she was at Kroger on Poplar when Joe Boyce approached her in the parking lot. Police say Boyd told the woman her car was leaking transmission fluid and offered to fix it for her.

The woman called her husband telling him what was happening and he drove up to the store.

When he got there, Boyce was already working on the car and the husband paid him $500.

The husband told police that he didn’t feel right about the encounter and looked under the car and noticed nothing had been done.

“People that end up in these situations are more or less people that have a good heart. They believe the lie and actually believe they are helping someone,” Earnest Bowles said.

According to crime reports, the husband then found an article we posted last year showing Boyce was a con artist.

Boyce was arrested last fall for doing the same thing and police say he scammed a woman out of $1,800.

Joey Barton, Owner of Barton’s Car Care in Midtown, told WREG in September — many of his customers have been scammed by Boyce.

Barton says not only has Boyce not stopped, but he has also gotten worse. He says he has had several customers come in over the past few months who have had their tires punctured by Boyce.

Boyce has been officially charged with financial exploitation of the elderly.

He will make his first appearance in court Wednesday.