MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The worker charged in a deadly shooting at an Orange Mound McDonald’s appeared in court Tuesday.

Repairs were underway Tuesday morning to fix a drive-through window shattered by gunfire.

Family members are hoping to repair their lives after police say an argument over food at an Orange Mound McDonalds left a woman dead.

Preston Deener, the man police say is responsible for her death, went before Judge Karen Massey Tuesday morning.

According to police, the customer, identified as Chanteva Gray, got out of her car in the drive through, banged on the window with a gun, and complained about her food order.

Video surveillance showed Gray lowering her gun to her side when the employee pulled out his own gun and fired a single shot through the window. The bullet hit Gray in the chest, and she died.

For the crime, Judge Massey gave Deener a $500,000 bond.

After he told the judge he could not afford a lawyer, he had a brief conversation with someone from the public defender’s office. They said they had someone who wanted to step up and take the case and wanted to meet with him later in the day.

Deener is also charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun. He also had a warrant for domestic assault from a previous incident.

He will return to court Wednesday with his attorney for another bond hearing.