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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People in Kossuth, Mississippi, in Alcorn County, are wondering how a well-known and respected resident reportedly ended up with arsenic poisoning.

Scott Benjamin says his brother Brett became ill in August after getting his COVID vaccination.

“Oh, he’s a great guy,” said Kossuth resident Greg Mitchell. “Everybody likes him. Don’t know anybody that don’t like him.”

Scott says Brett ended up in the hospital in Corinth and underwent a battery of tests.

“It was discovered that he had arsenic poisoning, and the levels were really off the chart,” Scott said. “An extreme amount of arsenic in his system. Enough to have killed him.”

Scott says no one knows where the arsenic came, but the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has conducted interviews in Corinth where Brett works and at his Kossuth home where he’s recovering.

“I have checked and can confirm that MBI is conducting an investigation pertaining to this,” said Chris Turnipseed of the MBI. “That is all the info I have and will be able to release on this ongoing investigation.”

It’s a mystery leaving this town with more questions than answers.   

“Nobody really knows, you know, why anybody would poison him, or how he got poisoned or how this could have happened,” Mitchell said.

Brett Benjamin did not want to talk on camera about his ordeal, which he calls a private family matter.