CLARKSDALE, Miss. — Police in Clarksdale have yet to make any arrests in Sunday morning’s exchange of gunfire that left 14 people wounded.

Twelve victims showed up almost at once at the local hospital after a shooting on Delta Avenue, putting the ER resources to the test. WREG spoke exclusively with hospital staff about how they handled Sunday’s chaotic events.

“We had NO alert that they were coming,” said Loreather Stacker, director of Quality, Risk and Compliance at Northwest MS Regional Medical Center.

In a matter of moments it was all hands on deck in the ER.

“The first patient came by private vehicle. The patient warned us that other patients was coming, and then they did start to come in,” she said.

Stacker, a 38-year-employee, says the mass casualty event caused by gunfire was a first of its kind here.

“I’ve never encountered this multitude. However, we have had tornadoes because of where we are located and we’ve had to have multiple patients come in,” she said.

Staff reported the ER filling with wounded patients, and the parking lot outside filled with concerned family and friends. Inside the ER, it was “tunnel vision” for trauma nurses and doctors.

“You have to be 100 percent focused on what is brought in front of you, and just access that situation, and then go from one situation to the next situation,” said Melinda Wyssbrod, ER Director.

Federal law prohibits the hospital from discussing the severity of the gunshot wounds treated, but additional nurses, physicians and other hospital staff assisted.

“Everybody plays a role and has a part in any type of disaster or emergency situation,” Wyssbrod said.

She has 18 years in nursing, and is very proud of how co-workers responded Sunday and the level of care they provided.

“They did an outstanding job,” she said. “They never hesitated once, never stopped patient care.”

Fourteen people in all were wounded but two victims went to other area hospitals. All the victims treated at Northwest Regional have been released.

The hospital conducted a de-briefing following Sunday’s incident and found employees followed all emergency protcols.