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WYNNE, Ark. – Multiple tenants at a Wynne apartment complex say they’re being evicted because of unpaid rent, even though many of them claim they’re fully paid up. 

Residents at the unnamed complex on Bridges Avenue tell WREG that almost all of the 24 tenants at the complex received a notice giving them until Friday to vacate the premises.  

“How? Like, how? I get kicked out tomorrow, where are me and my kids – where are we gonna go?” said tenant Kendra Jackson. 

Jackson’s eviction notice claims she’s behind on her rent, but Jackson says that isn’t possible. 

“I paid. The government pays our rent,” she said, noting the money goes directly to the apartment complex. 

Ashley Parker says she also got an eviction notice. In her case, she said she had planned on withholding July’s rent because of unresolved maintenance issues including mold, a missing smoke detector and peeling floors.  

“I’ve been paying it every month faithfully. I just decided, no, I’m not gonna pay this month because they ain’t fixing nothing,” said Parker.  

But one day after rent was due, she said she was handed the eviction notice. Parker said residents usually have five days after rent is due to pay. 

“But I’m not going nowhere. They’re gonna have to put the feds on me. They’re gonna have to put the feds on me. Me and my kids are not going nowhere,” she said. 

“I asked her, how am I behind when I haven’t even been here long enough to even be behind?” said Tanika Rodgers, who also got an eviction notice. 

WREG called and texted the complex’s landlord asking for an explanation, but our messages weren’t returned.  

“Why me and my crew have to go somewhere, sir? Like, that’s not right for me and my crew. I’m telling you, that’s not right” said Jackson.  

Under Arkansas law, tenants can’t withhold rent for any reason. Landlords aren’t even required to make their properties habitable unless explicitly stated in the lease.