MASON, Tenn. — Folks in the small Tipton County town of Mason are living with little to no water pressure, but the new mayor says change is on the horizon.

Mayor Eddie Noeman said the previous administration did not use the town’s revenues properly make needed repairs to the water system, and increased usage from nearby Blue Oval City is making the problem worse.

But things are about to change after receiving substantial funding from the state and Tipton County.

“We got $1.9 million to upgrade everything. We should be working on it very soon,” he said.

Donald Riley, who has lived in Mason, Tennessee for 23 years, said the town’s water system is failing for certain.

“It’s been an ongoing issue for quite a while. It’s getting worse,” he said. “At least three of four times a week we have very, very low water pressure to the point that you can’t wash the dishes. You can’t use your dishwasher. You can’t shower.”

It’s a problem Mayor Noeman is frustrated with as well. The system is seemingly on its last legs and struggling to maintain high water pressure during peak demands.

“Plus, we also got Blue Oval using some usage from our system, so everything is coming at one time and we have low pressure,” Noeman said.

He said when the water in this tank drops below a certain level, the entire system automatically turns off and someone has to manually turn it back on. He said that is the reason for so many boil water alerts in Mason.

Noeman said a company will be hired to maintain the system and train personnel in how to operate it and stresses the water is currently tested daily and is safe.