MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is not the only place where people are dealing with the impact of the inclement weather. Just outside the Bluff City, in Marion, Arkansas, residents are just now beginning to dry out.

While the water has started to recede in neighborhoods across the city, it proved to be a challenge for residents earlier today.

“It caused some pretty big inconveniences today,” Jeff Adlon, a Marion resident said.

Those inconveniences quickly turned to concerns for Marion residents as powerful storms moved through the area dropping several inches of rain.

“It’s gotten pretty bad couple times here but this one probably as highest as gotten in a while,” David Counce, a Marion resident said.

In a matter of a few hours, heavy rain fell on the city of Marion. By the time it was over, streets across the city were submerged with water, preventing residents from leaving their homes.

“There’s a lot of water here. It gets close to the house, and all makes it difficult to come in and out,” Jeff Adlon said.

“It was up to these people houses and people driving by only made it worse. They washing up in,” David Counce said.  

Marion’s mayor, Tracy Brick, posted a statement online, apologizing for the flooding and vowing to address it, saying in part:

“The city employees are working diligently to control traffic in the hardest hit areas. We will coordinate with the State, County, West Memphis and the Railroad to address problems and conduct preventative measures to prepare for the next heavy rain.”

“I wish [they’d] would be more proactive instead of reactive, waiting till it happens to get something done. Go around and check the drainage system, especially, in the areas are prone to flood,” Counce said.

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At this time, we are working to learn if any preventive measures were taken by the city ahead of this weather.