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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – An alarming chain of events led to a murder-suicide in Southwest Memphis Thursday night. Sources say a man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home, shot her to death, then turned the gun on himself. 

Police were also at the home on Masterson Cove last week when the man violated a protection order his ex-girlfriend filed against him. Investigators say he was sitting in his car outside the house waiting for her to come home. When she did, he said he wanted to talk.

But when she walked over, he allegedly got angry and hit her multiple times. He drove off after that, and she called 911.

Fast forward to Tuesday when police say he shot and killed her. A neighbor said the man also shot his ex-girlfriend’s grandmother who tried to protect her during the assault. We’re told her grandmother is expected to be okay.

David Dabney, who lives a few doors down, said it breaks his heart to hear about such a tragic instance of domestic violence.

“Maybe he was just obsessed with the woman or something,” Dabney said. “I think maybe people need to sit down and maybe try to get a different understanding about things first. Maybe anything can be talked out.”

Police haven’t identified the deceased victim but say she was 22-years-old.