MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man wearing clothing containing the city’s seal robbed a northeast Memphis business last month.

Outside Memphis Police headquarters, the city’s seal is on full display. As it turns out, detectives are looking for a man who had that same seal on his T-shirt and hat during a robbery at 1-800 Radiator on Thomas Road on August 19.

It is unclear where the man actually works.

A year into her job at 1-800 Radiator, Kayla, whose last name we’re not using, found herself face to face with a man who went out of his way to conceal his face, arms, and hands.

Police said the man was armed with a gun and took cash from the business.

“That’s what’s unsettling. He had the full, like he just got off work or was fixin’ to go in,” Kayla said. “It happened fast.”

But what was on full display was the car he got away in. A nearby business captured clear images of the suspect’s white Dodge Charger.

Kayla is grateful a neighboring company was able to assist police with surveillance photos.

“It’s definitely appreciated. The more people that share it, the better the chances of him getting caught,” she said. “And we are hoping that he is caught.”

This holdup happened just before the lunch hour when many people are out. In that moment, Kayla only wanted one thing.

“I just really wanted to be home,” she said. “I have kids, so when something like that happens, especially with how ruthless people have been here in Memphis lately, you just really want to be able to make it home.”

Fortunately, Kayla was able to make it home to her three babies.

She really talks about a heightened sense of awareness, but there’s also heightened security. Now, customers have to be buzzed in to enter the radiator shop.

“We definitely make sure we get a good look at your face before we even buzz you through.  Extra surveillance for sure,” Kayla said.

Every piece of security has been elevated with hopes it will bring back a peace of mind.

We reached out to city leaders about the robbery and will let you know once we hear back.