This story has been updated with a response from MLGW.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis Light, Gas and Water customer is desperate for answers after receiving a bill for more than $10,000. 

Richard Nunnery is no stranger to shocking news. He’s worked here at WREG as an audio engineer for more than two decades. But he heard this news loud and clear. 

“I’m thinking that I’m about to have a stroke or that my blood pressure is rising,” he said.

His MLGW bill totaled at $10,788. His usual bill is around $175. 

“I thought I may have used a little too much water, you never know. But not $10,788 worth,” Richard said.

Richard said he got a letter the other day saying his water use has been excessive, but he said he hasn’t changed anything and didn’t notice any leaks. 

“I immediately went to my water meter to see if it was spinning like a slot machine, which it wasn’t. I took some readings for 24 hours and my water usage was moderate at best,” he said.

Richard said he called customer service and was told not to worry about it until next month. But a $10,000 bill isn’t something you can just forget about, so he stopped at the office Tuesday morning.

“They were shocked. The woman was genuinely shocked by the amount of water usage,” Richard said.  

He said they chalked it up to a glitch and asked for his patience while the billing department reviews the case. But he said he’ll be nervous about it until it’s fixed. 

“Until they take that $10,788 off my bill, I think I owe that until it’s back to zero, back to square one, I think I owe that,” he said.

MLGW said Wednesday that Richard’s bill was corrected after a technician verified his meter readings.