MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man wanted for robbery faces a slew of new charges after police say he ran from officers and crashed his car with his unrestrained three-year-old in the vehicle.

It happened Thursday in a Fox Meadows neighborhood.

Friday, you could still see fresh tire marks and a street sign knocked over at the corner of Hickory Hill Road and Oakland Hills Lane.

A street sign at the corner of Hickory Hill Road and Oakland Hills Lane

Unique Clark said the car drove right through his mother-in-law’s front lawn, and someone could have been seriously hurt.

“I’m just glad nobody was out here; no kids were out here,” said Clark. “People are Crazy. Really, really crazy.”

Detectives with the Organized Crime Unit SCORPION team said they saw a black Lexus with fake temporary tags and dark tinted windows speeding near Knight Arnold and Hickory Hill, and when they tried to stop the driver, he took off.

Police said the officers backed off but watched the driver weave in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed and turn on Oakland Hills Lane, where he crashed.

After the car plowed through the front yard of the house on Oakland Hills Lane, they said the driver turned on Oakland Hills Cove and drove through the front yard of another home. Neighbors said he just missed a tree and car parked in the driveway.

House on Oakland Hills Cove

“That was a miracle,” said Melanie Fink. “There is a really sweet family that lives there. I would have hated for that to have happened.”

Police arrested the driver of the Lexus after a brief foot chase and identified him as Trevonta Maclin, 24. They also discovered he had two active warrants for aggravated robbery.

They said Maclin’s girlfriend and their three-year-old son were also in the car, and the child was not in a safety restraint of any kind.

“It’s crazy for somebody wanted for a double robbery and you drive around with drive-out tags and then tint. The two main things you will get pulled over for,” said Clark.

Trevonta Maclin

Along with aggravated robbery, Maclin is now facing charges of child abuse and neglect, violation of child restraint laws, drag racing, reckless driving, evading arrest, operating a car with reflectorized windows, and violating the financial law.

They said Maclin was also driving with a suspended license and without proof of insurance.

“The little boy was fine. He was playing around in the yard. The mom was fine. I did see a young man that was in a police car,” said Fink.

Maclin is accused of robbing two men at gunpoint of a wallet and $170 back in January. He was charged with a similar robbery in 2021, but the charges were dropped.

Maclin is being held on a $30,000 bond and expected to appear before a judge on Monday.