BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — Police in Blytheville, Arkansas, are looking for a suspect in a deadly shooting that started with a disagreement between two cousins.

WREG first met Malik Dority in 2018 when the wheelchair-bound Blytheville man claimed he was “roughed up” by police who were serving a warrant for battery.

“They hurted me, hurted me real bad,” he said at the time.

Fast forward to 2023 and Dority is now a man wanted for first-degree murder in the death of his cousin 25-year-old D’Andre Whitfield.

D’Andre Whitfield (via Facebook)

According to police, the shooting happened Tuesday afternoon in the 700 block of Central near South 8th street in front of a closed business.

People who live nearby did not want to be identified but told us the victim was shot several times.

While police would not disclose a motive, we were told by D’ Andre Whitfield’s mother that the cousins had been involved in a disagreement. She said shortly after the shooting, Dority came to tell her he had made up with his cousin and said “he didn’t do it” in regard to the shooting.

We showed Whitfield’s mother our 2018 story about Dority and she confirmed he is Whitfield’s cousin. Police also confirmed the man in our 2018 story is the same Malik Dority wanted for murder.

According to Whitfield’s mother, Dority said on Facebook he would turn himself in to the police. At last check, he has not.

If you know the whereabouts of Malik Dority or have additional information about Tuesday’s shooting death, you are urged to call the Blytheville CID at 870-763-4411, Blytheville Crime Stoppers at 844-910-STOP, or email your tips to