MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A Memphis man is facing serious charges after police say he tried to set a woman’s car on fire in the Highland Heights neighborhood.

Investigators said Damien Calvin accused the woman’s cousin of trying to steal his motorbike. They claim Calvin grew suspicious because she was supposed to repair it but was taking a long time to get the job done.

The woman said Calvin was impatient. So, they gave him back his bike but they said he was still angry and allegedly poured gasoline through an open window into the woman’s car, which was parked outside her home on Powell Avenue.

She called 911 and police say that forced Calvin to run off before he could set the vehicle ablaze. Officers caught him minutes later just a few streets over and took him into custody.

Allen Austin said he knows Calvin from the neighborhood.

“He’s a good guy but he do a lot of dumb (expletive),” Austin said. “Why’d he do that? You got your motorcycle back.”

The incident happened Thursday and, after further investigation, police determined Calvin was also responsible for setting a home on fire in the same neighborhood Wednesday.

They claim Calvin denied that allegation but admitted to pouring gasoline into the woman’s car. He’s charged with arson and setting fire to property.

“Serious charges and maybe he’ll think about it now,” Austin said. “So, that will help him a little bit. He’ll change his life, sit down and think about it for a minute and when he get out he might be a changed man.”

The woman didn’t want to say anything on camera but did tell WREG she still can’t get the gasoline smell out of her car. The home set on fire sustained minor damage.