MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after officers say he threw a claw hammer in his ex-girlfriend’s window, choked her, and broke her right forearm Saturday.

Police responded to the scene around noon in the 1900 block of Tulsa Avenue in Frayser. The victim told officers that her ex-boyfriend, Ledarrion Smith, 32, showed up at her house yelling and beating on the doors and windows. She said Smith accused her of cheating on him.

When the victim refused to let Smith inside the home, he threw a claw hammer through the window, hitting and breaking the victim’s forearm.

Officers said Smith then went to the back of the house, broke a bedroom window, and crawled through it. The victim told officers Smith began to choke, hit, and pull the victim’s hair.

Smith then went through the victim’s house, vandalizing two wooden doors, two televisions, two glass tables, and two mirrors, according to court documents.

Martha Jackson with the Family Safety Center says Smith displayed classic signs of the cycle of abuse.

“We see those types of cases all the time and it’s very unfortunate,” Jackson said. “This person decided I have power over you, I have control over you, you cannot move on, the things that were purchased are mine and I can invade and terrorize your home.”

When confronted by police on the scene, Smith admitted to showing up at the victim’s home. He said when she refused to let him inside, he broke in and “did what he had to do.” Smith also told officers that he bought everything inside of the home, and it was his to destroy.

In return, the victim told officers “I got what I had coming.”

Smith told police he paid for the items and was mad the victim wouldn’t let him inside to get his stuff.

“Can you imagine the type of abuse she must have been enduring to feel it’s your fault because you have been abused and of course its manipulation, being beat down emotionally,” Jackson said.

Jackson wants victims to know they can get out of the rut of abuse.

“You don’t have to stick with that. There are resources and people available with that to help you out,” Jackson said.

Smith has since been released on a $7,500 bond and is expected to appear in court May 2.

If you know anyone that needs help, you can call the Family Safety Center‘s 24/7 Hotline at 901-800-6064