MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man caught with seven catalytic converters in his car told police he was stealing them to raise money for his prior warrants.

Police said a manager at LQK on Hickory Hill Road called them on Sunday when she noticed two males in a Honda Civic driving around the lot and cutting catalytic converters off company trucks.

“You jack up a car real quick, you cut it out, you take it, you sell it, and you make anywhere between $80…$90,” Daniel Lopez told us, who owns a tire shop.

An officer who arrived at the scene spotted Treavor Coop carrying a power saw near a truck. Coop dropped the saw and ran but was caught without incident.

“You hit maybe six cars and you hit your paycheck for the day instead of working a long eight, nine-hour day. That’s the sad thing about it right now,” Lopez said.

Police said they found seven catalytic converters valued at more than $12,000 inside a Honda Civic, which police said was also stolen back in September.

Coop told police he and his friend planned on selling the parts, and that he had “committed the thefts to raise money for warrants he currently has,” according to an affidavit.

Coop, 24, is charged with theft of property, theft of a vehicle and evading arrest.

Court records show Coop had warrants issued March 19 for carjacking, conspiracy to commit theft of property and possessing a firearm during a dangerous felony.

Coop is now facing additional charges of theft and even more fines. His bond was set Monday at $79,000.