MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis man is accused of stealing a co-worker’s car and using it for shelter after it was loaned to him. 

In August while at work at a rest stop on I-55, Dealo Prewitt says he allowed his co-worker Gregory Arnold to borrow his vehicle to pick up food for the two of them. 

It was supposed to be a quick trip to a nearby restaurant.

“Thirty minutes turned into four hours, five hours…yeah,” Prewitt said.

His car, his colleague, and even the food he was promised were nowhere to be found. Prewitt said he called Arnold, but he was sent straight to voicemail. 

Hours turned into days which turned into weeks until one day he spotted it while he was driving down West Mitchell.

He decided to try the handle, but it was locked. When he decided to peer inside, he noticed the accused was still there, sleeping behind the wheel.

“I’m really at a loss for words right now, because I’m trying to get it straight in my head,” Prewitt said.

After he woke Arnold up, Arnold got out of the car barefoot and dropped the car keys in Prewitt’s hand along with advice to “add more oil to the car” before walking away.

“To tell me what I needed to do with my car, what it needed and stuff like that – just disrespectful,” Prewitt said.

He says Arnold was using the car for shelter, but, for now, 201 Poplar is home.

Checking court records, we learned Gregory Arnold was arrested in 2007 for something similar.    When it comes to this recent case, his bond has been set at $40,000 and he is set to face a judge later this week.     

As for the victim, he is now trying to figure out how to pay for repairs needed to get his car back up and running.