MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in jail after police say he stole a trailer filled with nearly $100,000 worth of tires in South Memphis.

Police say Devin Ford is now behind bars after he allegedly committed the burglary at Horizon Tires on Texas Drive back in July.

A security guard from the tire shop told police that Ford gave him a fake name and said that he was there to pick up a trailer that he had dropped off earlier that day which was supposed to be empty.

One employee reportedly told Ford he needed to provide identification before leaving with the trailer. However, police say that’s when Ford took off with a trailer full of tires.

According to police, the total value of the tires was $92,281 and the trailer was worth $30,000.

Ford was identified in a 6-person photo lineup and taken into custody.

Ford now faces two counts of theft of property. He will make his first court appearance Thursday.