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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in jail after a man was hit in the head with an object and stabbed on Thursday in Sherwood Forest, according to MPD.

The victim told police he was inside his apartment on Stuart Road when a man entered the apartment without permission. The suspect, John King, then hit the victim on the back of the head with an unknown object telling him to “give it up.”

Police also said that King, 64, stabbed the victim multiple times. When officers arrived at the scene, they located a kitchen knife covered in blood on the victim’s table. The victim was transported to the hospital with wounds to his face, head, and body.

A witness who was in the apartment during the incident said King told her he was going to rob the victim during a previous interaction, according to police.

MPD later found King at his apartment on Stuart Road with blood and cuts on his hands and was taken to custody.

He is being charged with attempted first degree murder and attempted aggravated robbery.