WEST MEMPHIS, Ark.– A community is grieving after a West Memphis man was shot and killed along Interstate 40 Monday night.

Investigators say Yasmon Lewis was shot and killed by a passing driver along I-40 near Mound City Road, Monday night around 10:30. Detectives say the 21-year-old may have been driving home when he was attacked.

Pastor Gary Blakely and members of his church are not connected to the family, but say they too are living with grief.

“God, we lift that family. God, we know you are able and we ask you to work everything out because we realize we are living in our last days,” Pastor Blakely said.

“I’ve lost two sons also. I lost one that just laid down and went to sleep and didn’t wake up. I lost one to a suicide. And you know I am still grieving behind it. But I know God will give you the strength to endure it,” said West Memphis resident Janice Williams.

That is what Yasmon’s family is doing. His older sister told us via text her baby brother was a good person, loved by so many, and always striving to care for his three boys.

Unfortunately, this level of pain is one Pastor Blakely knows well.

“I would tell them that I lost my son right by my house, 21 years old. He died and then my grandbaby, he died,” he said.

The pastor said the pain certainly doesn’t go away, but it does get easier with time. Sadly, there is yet another family having to travel down a long road of grief.

Evidence along I-40 was collected and preserved. Pastor Blakely adds that is what Yasmon’s family must do — preserve the memories.

“Look to God; it’s hard but He will relieve their pain. But the memories will always be there, the good times,” he said.

The Arkansas State Police will oversee the investigation.