MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “I’m Lovin It” is Mcdonald’s famous motto, but one customer wasn’t lovin’ his customer service. An argument with a McDonald’s cashier landed him behind bars. 

Police say 27-year-old Anthony Ailsworth is now charged with three counts of aggravated assault following an incident at McDonald’s on East Shelby Drive.

Court documents say Ailsworth was involved in a disagreement with the drive-thru window cashier regarding his order on Sunday.

Police say the manager stepped in and gave Ailsworth his money back.

But apparently, that wasn’t enough.

The manager told police the customer became irate because he believed she owed him more.

The manager’s efforts to calm him down failed, and police say he hopped out of his car with a gun.

MPD says the manager immediately closed the drive-thru window and frantically told employees to run to the back.

Police say Ailsworth beat on the window with the gun until the window shattered.

“For a McDonald’s order and you doing all that? That’s kind of crazy,” McDonald’s customer Mario Jones said. “Really it’s an issue with mental health. Everybody’s mental health seems like it’s been going down the last few years.”

The suspect got away but he left something behind for the manager to find: MPD says Ailsworth left his wallet on the ground outside the drive-thru with his ID inside.

A warrant was issued and he was arrested Thursday.

No injuries were reported. Ailsworth’s bond has not been posted.