MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County man says he became a crime victim when someone stole his car while he was serving jury duty in downtown Memphis Wednesday.

Mitchell Rayl said he parked his car across from the Judge D’Army Bailey Courthouse on Adams Street that morning for day three of his jury duty.

He said he found glass and no vehicle when he returned almost nine hours later. Rayl was able to flag down a bailiff who then alerted the judge and flagged down an officer.

Rayl said there should be better accommodations for people serving their civic duty.

“They need better accommodations for jurors. There is no secure parking,” he said. “You get $11 dollars a day for being a juror. I pay $10 a day in parking so I’m getting a single dollar a day and now I’ve got to pay $20-30,000 for a car.”

Rayl said he reached out to the mayor’s office for help. They responded Thursday night, saying, “We will reach out to law enforcement to ensure that extra patrols are in place and will review standards in place.”

Jury Administrator Tiffany S. Kimmons responded Friday:

“I am saddened and angry to learn about the incident that happened to juror,  Mr. Rayl,” she said. “Unfortunately, the Jury Commission cannot provide any assistance or resources at this time.  However, I am in communication with the judges, mayor’s office, and the sheriff’s department, in hopes to collectively provide some assistance to make Mr. Rayl’s unfortunate circumstance a bit less painful.  I will also reiterate to all involved about the inconveniences and hardships parking creates for the citizens who are required to appear to perform their civic duty.”