MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is fighting for his life after battling what appears to be carjackers at a gas station early Tuesday morning. 

It happened at the Exxon Station on Summer Avenue and an upsetting video shows the moment it all goes down. 

The video shows a man leaving the shop and as he gets into his gold Chevy Tahoe, which is parked at a gas pump, he notices a woman trying to get in. It appears the man confronts the woman when a second man comes up and a fight breaks out.

Then the woman begins beating the man with a cane she pulled out of the Tahoe.

According to an affidavit, the woman in that video is 35-year-old Stormy Meetze. She is facing a number of charges, including attempted first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. 

Stormy Meetze (Courtesy: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office)

It’s horrific and something people who live nearby are upset by. 

“It’s just very unfortunate. People work hard, go to work every day and work hard, you try to pay your bills and pay your car note and insurance and then somebody boom, takes your car and nothing is stopping them,” said Michael Conley.

But from there, it gets even worse. The woman is seen getting into the Tahoe and running over the man before putting it in reverse and hitting him again. 

It’s not clear if they knew each other, but people say the violence in this city has to stop. 

“It’s definitely gotten worse, the culture, the music everything, it’s just making it worse for sure,” Conley said.

Police documents confirm the victim was seriously injured and admitted to the hospital with swelling to his right eye and severe damage to his left one, and two stab wounds on the left side of his torso.  

The suspects got away in the Tahoe and a second car they arrived in. 

Meetze is being held at 201 Poplar but so far no other arrests have been made in the case. There is no word on the victim’s condition.