COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. – – A Collierville man is grateful his dog is alive after she nearly drowned in the Wolf River a couple of months ago. He was able to save her thanks to a key piece of technology.

Dave Mosner often walks his one-year-old chow-lab mix Mei along the Wolf River.

She covers a lot of ground and normally comes back but on the morning of Christmas Eve she didn’t and, after 30 minutes, Mosner panicked. Fortunately, Mei has a GPS tracker in her collar and Mosner was able to track her down using an app on his phone.

“It said she was literally a mile behind me,” Mosner said. “And I had to bushwack about a quarter of a mile along the river’s edge to where it said she was pinged. Still couldn’t see her but I heard her barking. So, I slid down an embankment about ten feet.”

He found a frightened Mei tucked under the riverbank in a small, muddy cave.

“So, I had to hop down into the water about waist deep, fish her out, felt like I was noodling for catfish and I pulled her out,” Mosner said. “And had to push her up this 10-foot embankment.”

Mosner found Mei about a mile down the river. (photo Dave Mosner)

The search and rescue took about an hour with Mosner’s heart racing the whole time.

“It was such a relief to see her. I couldn’t believe I actually found her under there,” Mosner said. “And also, my son and wife didn’t kill me because they would have been very upset if I came back without the dog.”

Mosner said he called 911 while he was searching but, thankfully, he had already found Mei when police arrived.