MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A video shows the moment two men were ejected from a car and into a business on Jackson Avenue, and one man says he was in the parking lot when the car barreled toward him.

For Orlanda Williams, it was a morning like any other. He made his monthly stop at Smith’s Pools to grab some chemicals for his pool company, Cool Pool Services. He said he was in his car in the parking lot for no more than three minutes when that ordinary morning turned to tragedy. 

He looked out the window to see a car flying through the air.

“It’s actually terrifying to see a car flying in the air and just landing on top of your car, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Williams said.

Photos show what he saw after he crawled his way out of the passenger side door. 

“I was kind of dizzy. I got out of the car, walked around the parking lot about ten or fifteen times, and that’s when I noticed one of the guys on the ground; his body was twisted. And the other guy flew through the window of the business,” he said.

Williams escaped pretty much unharmed, with just a minor bump on his head. He said someone was looking after him that day, and he’s now thankful for every day moving forward. 

“The only thing I can tell you is to live your life every day that you can one day at a time, bless those who bless you, and make sure that you’re straight and continue blessing everybody that you can help,” he said.

Meanwhile, Memphis Police say excessive speed and reckless driving are to blame for the crash. Sadly, the passenger did not survive and the driver is recovering from his injuries at Regional One.