MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was found dead Sunday after police responded to a shooting call at the Manor Park East Apartments in South Memphis.

Family members identified him as Timothy Pinkins who was visiting a friend at the time of his death. Memphis police said the shooter fled the scene.

One of the apartment buildings had a broken window on the third floor. Neighbors say the victim was shot and then pushed out of the third-story window.

After the victim hit the ground, people on the scene said the gunman walked up and shot him again before dragging his body to a nearby dumpster.

Neighbors say the alleged shooter was known to “terrorize” people who lived at the complex. They also said the gunman has a history of slashing tires and making threats to the woman who lived in the apartment where the shooting happened.

MPD said they know the identity of the suspect. Call (901)-528-CASH if you have any information on the suspect’s whereabouts.