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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing charges after he reportedly pinned a Family Dollar employee with a car after stealing from the store.

Thursday, officers responded to an aggravated assault and shoplifting call at the Family Dollar on South Mendenhall Road near Winchester.

Memphis Police say employees saw Jeremy Jennings, 30, shoplifting children’s clothes and diapers. He had reportedly taken $133 worth of items.

According to police, employees tried to stop Jennings as he left the business. The manager walked outside and asked Jennings to return the items. Jennings reportedly told the manager, “I just got out and I got a gun.”

Police say Jennings then ran through the parking lot toward a gray Honda Accord. The store’s managers and other employees got into their vehicles to try to catch Jennings. Police say they caught Jennings inside of the car and asked him to return the merchandise.

Memphis Police say the driver of the gray Honda got out of the car and tried to defuse the situation. The store’s manager and employees then got into a physical fight with Jennings.

Memphis Police say the fight continued as Jennings got into the driver’s side of the Honda and the store’s managers moved to the passenger side of the car.

Police say Jennings put the Honda into reverse and pinned the store’s manager between the Honda and the manager’s vehicle.

According to police, the store manager pulled out a gun and fired between three and four shots into Honda’s engine block. The shots temporarily disabled the car.

Memphis Police say surveillance video of the parking lot supported the manager’s and witnesses’ account of the incident.

Jennings has been charged with aggravated assault and theft of property.