MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is facing charges after police say he kidnapped a woman and then got into a fight with first responders.

According to court records, Dontrell Hanes kidnapped his ex-girlfriend from the home they once shared in Cordova after he got mad that she would not give him a lottery ticket that he paid for.

“He bought five for that day and he bought my mom one. My mom has Alzheimer’s so she took the tickets and she did not intend to,” she said.

Hanes’ ex-girlfriend who wishes to remain anonymous said he and her sister had a disagreement over a Powerball ticket.

“My sister was like she was not giving the one back. Even though it’s not a winning ticket, he still wanted it and she said something he didn’t like and he just cliqued and kicked the door in,” she said.

According to police, Hanes broke into the home and beat her before putting her into his car and driving off.

“He initially was just choking me, dragging me out the house,” she said.

She said she was alone with Hanes in his car for almost seven hours making various stops from Memphis to Horn Lake as he demanded she gives him $10,000.

“I thought I was going to die because he said that was it. He didn’t have anything to live for,” she said. “That’s why I kept saying ‘why you got to take me with you? I’m not ready to die.'”

At one point she says he was involved in a shootout in Orange Mound.

Hanes’ ex-girlfriend said he eventually let her call her family. They were able to ping her location and send authorities to a gas station in Hickory Hill.

“He took the phone when my daughter kept asking where are you. He snatched the phone and he hung up. Sixty seconds later, they had us,” she said. “That was a blessing. They had surrounded us with cars and weapons.”

When officers tracked down Hanes’ car, they say Hanes was being combative with detectives and eventually started hitting them. The sheriff’s office said he assaulted four deputies.

Officers were able to detain Hanes and take him into custody where he faces nearly 15 different charges including aggravated kidnapping, burglary and assault to a first responder. He is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

Detectives said they also recovered a handgun stolen out of Georgia from Hanes.