MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis man has been indicted in a fatal double shooting involving two Covington women.

In court documents recovered by WREG Monday, we learned that a grand jury indicted 23-year-old Treon Demarco Ingram last week for charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and two weapons charges.

According to police, he shot and killed 57-year-old Anita Wilson and injured Darnisha McLeod last November.

Police say the two women were leaving a football game at Covington High School when two masked suspects jumped out of a white Mercedes Benz carrying large rifles.

Detectives discovered over 30 automatic rifle shell casings in the roadway directly in front of the victim’s vehicle.

Police Chief Donna Turner told WREG the targeted attack is gang-related.

“You definitely are sending a message when you jump out of a car at an intersection and shoot up another car with multiple rounds. Whatever that message is it was meant to be deadly and it was meant to be permanent,” Turner said.

Investigators said the same stolen car is possibly linked to the murder of Young Dolph that occurred days later.

Turner said the stolen car was later recovered in South Memphis. Wilson’s family believes she was not the intended target.

“I definitely feel like the situation with Dolph bought light to my mom’s situation. It definitely did because of the car,” said Anita’s daughter Laurita Wilson.

While one suspect is still on the run, Wilson’s children are celebrating the victory of Ingram’s charges on what would have been her 58th birthday.

“It feel good for it to happen today because today her birthday,” said Wilson’s son James Bailey. “It’s like it was a gift for her.”

During the investigation, Ingram was taken into custody at the DeSoto County Detention Center on unrelated charges and was later found to be in possession of the weapon connected to the shooting.

CPD detectives worked with DeSoto County and the Memphis Police Department to gather evidence in the case.

Ingram is now being held on a $1 million bond.