MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say a man choked his girlfriend to near unconsciousness and threatened to kill her grandfather if she didn’t give him her tax money.

Cadarius Sayers, 28, was arrested Saturday in the 2500 block of Dakar Avenue in Frayser. He was charged with aggravated assault.

The victim told police Sayers was acting weird, and when she asked him what was wrong, he told her he would kill her and her grandad if she didn’t give him her tax money.

The girlfriend said Sayers began choking her, and she almost lost consciousness. The victim said Sayers released her, and she ran out of the residence and called her grandmother for help.

Police said Sayers threatened the grandfather again while officers were on the scene. Officers said Sayers stated, “it’s all good ’cause I’m about to call my boys so we can air her grandad house out.”

Sayers is scheduled to go before a judge on Tuesday.