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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A man is in the hospital after a shooting on Summer Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Police say two people were detained and one man was taken to Methodist North in non-critical condition.

A witness we spoke with claims the shooting happened when a man tried to stop thieves from stealing his trailer. He claims that the man was walking out of a store in a shopping center at Summer and White Station when he spotted several other men hitching the trailer from his truck onto theirs. He raced to confront them and then allegedly started shooting at them as they sped away and tried to run him over.

The witness doesn’t know if anyone was hit but claims the thieves crashed into an innocent driver on Summer Avenue while making their escape.

Investigators haven’t said if that driver was the one taken to the hospital.

It’s doubtful the man who allegedly shot at the thieves will face charges. Investigators say he fired in self-defense when they tried to run him over.

Police say one of the suspects got away in a white Cadillac SUV with a broken window.