MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police arrested a man who was found with 401.5 grams of marijuana, 8.1 grams of meth, 211 Xanax pills, a loaded magazine with 223 rounds and much more on Monday.

According to MPD, around 3 a.m. January 16, officers saw a Kia Optima sitting at a Mobil gas station on Mt. Moriah Road. Police say they checked the car because stolen Kias and Hyundais had been recovered at the location.

Officers saw a man, Dantavious Mayse, sleeping in the driver’s seat, holding a small, clear plastic bag with a leafy substance inside. Police say they knocked on the window before opening the driver’s door and detaining the suspect.

After searching Mayse, they say they found the following:

  • Black Ruger-57
  • $671 in cash
  • Plastic bag with clear or white crystals
  • Bottle of unknown pills
  • Plastic bag with white, powdery residue
  • Single blue straw
  • Cigarette box with a folded one-dollar bill with a white powder substance

Officers placed Mayse in a squad car to search his vehicle. During the search, they found the following:

  • Backpack with several bottles of unknown pills
  • Clear plastic bags with multi-colored unknown pills
  • Two bottles of Promethazine
  • Red bag with marijuana
  • Fully loaded magazine with 223 rounds
  • Rifle with one bullet in the chamber
  • Several phones
  • Scale
  • Tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and window breakers

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Mayes is set to appear in court on Tuesday. His bond is set for $90,000.