TRUMANN, Ark. (WREG) — Police in Trumann, Arkansas, are investigating after a young man was found dead inside a condemned home Wednesday night.

Christopher Miller remembers his son, 22-year-old Christian Miller, as a young man everyone loved.

“Christian was a very joyful person. He had an amazing smile. He touched so many people,” he said.

  • Christian Miller
  • Christian Miller

On the outside, he looked happy, but Christopher said his son had demons he battled his whole life.

“You can treat the drug abuse all you want to, but if you don’t treat the mental illness to go with it, or not able to get treatment for it, then it means nothing,” he said.

Family members said Christian was found dead inside this home on Rosewood Drive in Trumann on Wednesday night.

  • condemned house trumann
  • condemned house in trumann

Neighbor Ronald Clark across the street was the first person to call the police. 

“I just walked down there to see, and when I walked by, I could smell something. But I didn’t think nothing about it because there are cats there all the time, you know,” he said.

Clark said there have been ongoing issues in that home as long as he has lived there, so while he was sad to hear this, he was not surprised.

“I’d like that house be torn down,” he said.

Trumann city leaders have been working to tear down condemned homes throughout the city to crack down on this issue. They demolished nine houses just last month. 

But Christopher is calling on state and national leaders to create resources for families like theirs who are desperate for help but simply can’t afford it. 

“The system failed him. Not only did we fail him, but the system failed him,” he said.