MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police have arrested a man accused of forcing his way to an airplane at Memphis International Airport.

On October 1, Memphis Police received a report stating a man dressed in black and carrying a black backpack had forced his way through a restricted door.

Once through the door, the suspect reportedly gained access to the aircraft ramp. Court documents say the suspect ignored employees who tried to stop him.

He was then able to gain “unauthorized access” to an airplane. Court documents say more employees confronted him, and he ran away.

The suspect reportedly tried to get back onto the ramp, but officers were on the scene. According to court documents, police say the suspect “assumed a fighting stance” when he saw officers.

Officers reportedly sprayed a chemical agent in the suspect’s eyes and took him into custody.

The suspect was later identified as 44-year-old Antionous Thomas.

Thomas has been charged with entering a restricted airport area and resisting official detention.