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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are investigating after a man died in a shooting on Monday.

Memphis Police said they responded to a shooting shortly after midnight on the 1200 block of Union near Methodist University Hospital. The victim was taken by private vehicle to the hospital, but was pronounced deceased when they arrived.

No suspect information has been provided at this time. Memphis Police said this is an ongoing investigation.

Police also responded to four other shootings over the weekend in less than five hours. One shooting was in Frayser, and another one was in Berclair.

Victims also showed up at St. Francis Hospital and Methodist University Hospital with gunshot wounds. The victim at Methodist died.

Charlie Caswell said all of the crime motivates him to create the Legends Resource Center. He hopes it make a real change by giving kids something positive to do.

“One of the shootings this weekend happened just down the street from this resource center here in Frayser that is working to try and make this community safer,” Caswell said. “We have to start younger in educating kids about relationship and conflict resolution, how to deal with situations when they get into fights or what have you.”

Caswell said laws at the state levels make getting guns off of the streets nearly impossible at the local level. With more guns on the streets, the chance that one of those weapons will fall into the wrong hands will increase.

“We need to address the guns in the car laws that they did because now kids are breaking into cars and stealing guns,” Caswell said. “So it’s sad, but I think it is more upstream than it is on the local level.”