MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police took a man into custody after he resisted arrest and threatened them.

On Thursday, two Memphis officers responded to a domestic call in Midtown. Once on the scene, police found that Shorron Phillips was refusing to leave the property.

When Phillips saw police, he complied and went across the street. Officers stayed with the suspect’s mother because she feared her son would return and harm her.

While talking to the suspect’s mother, Phillips loudly shouted, “These bogus [expletive] officers… If they put their hands on me, I’m gonna shoot they [expletive].”

According to reports, the officers felt threatened, so they tried to calm the suspect down. Phillips clenched his fist and began swinging his arms back and forth.

Memphis Police attempted to take Phillips into custody, and he began actively resisting arrest. He did not strike the officers, but he was pulling away and pushing them. As a result, he fell on top of one of them.

The other officer told Phillips that he was going to deploy the taser. The suspect gave the officers his hands, and he was placed in handcuffs.

Phillips told police he was having trouble breathing, so officers allowed him to sit up. When the suspect sat up, he began running from the location. After a foot pursuit, he was taken into custody.

He told the police, “I want to go straight to 201.”

Shorron Phillips was charged with Escape, Resisting Official Detention and three counts of Retaliation for Past Actions. He is set to appear in court Friday.