MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man who allegedly shot at three women in a car in southeast Shelby County has been charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder.

George Williams, 37, was booked into jail Monday.

George Williams

According to records, the women told officers they were driving north on Hacks Cross on Sept. 14 when a white Ford truck cut them off in traffic.

The male driver and female passenger in the truck began cursing at the victims, then followed them onto Highway 385.

The driver of the truck sideswiped the Nissan Sentra the women were in.

“They were trying to run us off the road or into the median. Like they were literally, I just can’t I don’t know what they were thinking. I can’t even think to think what they were thinking,” said the victim who didn’t want to be identified.

That’s when police say the driver pointed a handgun at them and fired one or two shots before fleeing.

“We didn’t know where the bullet went, but when it came out the gun, it looked like it was coming straight towards the car,” the victim said. “It was very emotional. I was very torn because that was my baby. And I know for sure, you see a baby in the car, the first thing you do is be careful,”

Investigators traced the truck’s tag number to Williams, who was also identified in a lineup by the victims.

The victim told us she doesn’t know Williams and certainly doesn’t know what provoked the attack. 

“We’re just thankful, I guess. I don’t want to say I guess because we are thankful. This could have been our life. It could have been mine. It could have been my baby’s. It could have been hers. It could have been our lives,” she said.

Williams is expected to appear in court Tuesday.