TATE COUNTY, Miss.– A Mississippi mother has closure after three people were charged with the 2019 murder of her son and one of them is connected to October’s mass shooting at a Crenshaw apartment complex, Coldwater Police announced Wednesday.

Exzavian Oliver, 21, Juanthean Williams, 23 and Montreal Hibbler, 25 have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder in Cameron Reed’s death.

All three were charged on December 6th.

Exzavian Oliver, 21 (left), Juanthean Williams, 23 (center), Montreal Hibbler, 25 (right)

Juanthean Williams was already being held in Quitman County jail on two counts of felony murder for his role in the October mass shooting at a Crenshaw apartment complex.

Reed was 20-years-old when he was shot to death at an apartment in Coldwater, about 25 miles south of Memphis.

After two years and nearly two months, his mother Tammie Young can finally see the end of the nightmare that began when her son was murdered in 2019.

“He was my child. He was a good son and everybody liked him and he did not deserve this,” Young said.

She thought the murder would never be solved.

“Sometimes you just feel like, you know, it’s not ever going to ever come to an end,” she said.

But Coldwater Police said they never stopped their investigation.

“Sometimes justice is swift…other times it take longer. In this case it took longer,” said Coldwater Police Chief Undra Todd.

Chief Undra Todd woudn’t go into detail about a motive or what led investigators to the three, but said they were developed as suspects early in the case and did know the victim.

WREG was told that Coldwater Police interviewed Williams and connected him and the two other suspects to Reed’s death.

For Young, there is some closure and perhaps an end to sleepless nights and tears of anguish.

“No one should have to lose a child before his time. It’s just a pain you can’t get over,” she said.

Oliver is being held in Panola County, Williams is being held in Quitman County and Hibbler is being held in Tate County.