MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One person has been charged after a man was shot at a motel on South Perkins Road.

Vontre Hubbard, 32, is facing several charges, including attempted first-degree murder.

Memphis Police responded to a shooting at the Express Inn on South Perkins Road at around 10:48 a.m. Wednesday. A man reportedly went to the hospital in critical condition.

According to court documents, several victims said Hubbard started firing shots in the lobby of the motel.

One witness reportedly told police Hubbard started arguing with the victim after walking up behind him. That witness claimed Hubbard fired shots while hiding the gun in the front pockets of his pullover.

Hubbard is accused of firing even more shots after pulling the gun out of his pockets.

According to court documents, a motel employee said she recognized Hubbard as the person staying in room 526. Court documents say the employee was helping the victim extend his stay when Hubbard started firing shots.

She reportedly told police she took cover behind the counter after Hubbard started shooting.

Court documents say that while officers were on their way to the shooting, they got an update saying Hubbard had been spotted in the parking lot of a nearby IHOP.

Officers reportedly detained Hubbard as he walked away from the dumpster in the IHOP parking lot. Court documents say officers later found a gun in the dumpster.

According to court documents, surveillance footage from the motel showed Hubbard firing several shots inside the motel lobby. The footage also reportedly shows the victim getting shot.

Hubbard has previous drug and conspiracy to commit burglary convictions out of DeSoto County. Court documents say he was sentenced to five years in prison in both of those cases.