MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Dyersburg man is facing charges after police say he pointed a gun at a car his wife and a 2-year-old were in during a car chase.

Dyersburg Police said officers arrived on Cedar Street around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning and saw a vehicle ramming another vehicle and causing a wreck.

The driver, 53-year-old Eric Williams, was taken into custody without incident.

Investigators say Williams started chasing the car around the area of Hogwallow Road and Phillips Street. Williams’ wife, a 2-year-old child, and several other people were in the car.

Williams then allegedly rammed the car multiple times and pointed a gun at his wife and the child during the chase.

Police found the handgun in William’s seat and a shotgun laying on the center console.

He was charged with four counts of aggravated assault and five counts of reckless endangerment. He is being held pending Dyersburg City Court action.