MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say a man beat his dog to death, wrapped it in a trash bag and put it under the sink after it messed up his apartment.

On Thursday, a witness and security guard called MPD because they believed a man, Tevin Overall, was beating his dog in his apartment. The witness said they heard a dog whining and whimpering. They also heard what sounded like a dog being thrown against the wall.

According to reports, the witness saw Overall throw a lifeless dog onto the apartment walkway. The witness took pictures and videos of the dog before Overall took it back into his place.

Overall left the location but was obtained by police when he returned. Officers asked if they could check the condition of the dog, and Overall asked if they had a warrant. Police got a warrant and searched.

Court records show that officers found a dead dog wrapped in a towel and placed in a trash bag underneath the bathroom sink.

Overall was taken into custody and told officers that he punished the dog because it tore up his apartment. He also stated that he may have been more upset than he realized, which caused him to hurt the dog. He admitted to wrapping the dog up and putting it under the sink.

The Memphis Animal Shelter said the dog died of internal injuries.

Tevin Overall is charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. He is set to appear in court Friday morning.